$20 A Day – $3,000 (1.8M) A Month Income Stream Skill

How To PROMOTE (SELL) Affiliate Products(Courses) Like A PRO, Succeed As A Highly Paid Affiliate Marketer &  Start Generating $3,000 (1.8M) Monthly 

This is Everything you will ever need to SELL Affiliate products (Courses), RETAIN your Prospects & Become a TOP Affiliate Marketer 

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If you are like most people and you prefer to read

lets do it!

You will AGREE with me that people SELL/EARN 200K, 500K, 800K, 4M, 15M Plus Monthly in Affiliate Marketing Right?

that’s a YES, a pure truth.


You will AGREE with me – that, there are people who just paid huge money & joined affiliate marketing


Some never make shi-shi

Some never make up to the amount they used to sign up (register/join)

Some – all the money they’ve spent, they haven’t gotten half of it back & its months since they joined affiliate marketing 

Some Feel they’ve been scammed because after they paid money to join, they haven’t made any money

this is a YES too,

you yourself can concur if you want to be frank about it

The ISSUE Between this two categories is that – Some Know How To SELL (While the rest don’t know)


They Can’t Run FB Ads → To SELL

They Don’t Know Copywriting → To SELL

In fact, They don’t know anything → Concerning Selling Online 

I have heard a lot say things like

– I have registered but I don’t understand anything – frustrated & seeking for answer

— They have been abandoned by the person who introduced affiliate marketing to them, who didn’t teach them how to sell, who is out there hustling for another person 



– its not enough to just show you how to make $20 a Day (I am supposed to teach & give you all necessary tools to make it HAPPEN)


How: You can make $20 a day OR $3,000 a month by promoting this course as an affiliate

Tools: The course its self teaches and gives you all tools to make it happen

Perfect Combo

How to SELL Affiliate Product

Step 1 → You pick the product you want to promote

Step 2 → Make an irresistible OFFER to the people likely interested in it (Facebook Ads & 1page Salescopy)

Step 3 → Get them into a retainable & controlled community where you educate and influence their purchasing decision

Step 4 → they learn, trust and make you earn for life – if you are genuine 

The TRUTH is

You don’t want another “Affiliate Marketer Trying To Cajole OR Fool Ever Again

You don’t want some “Overhyped course seller shouting up&down just to collect your money & walk away”


Here is my OFFER?

Full Step by step Video Training/Course on – How To PROMOTE (SELL) Affiliate Products(Courses) Like A PRO, Succeed As A Highly Paid Affiliate Marketer &  Start Generating $3,000 (1.8M) Monthly 

When you get the “TRAINING(COURSE)” Here are the things you will practically learn how to do yourself

1 → How To Run Ads & Get Above 85% Qualified Prospects (Leads): 

Practical way to setup and run Facebook/IG ads that gets you quality leads that buys and a banproof ads account  (I use this hack to run ads for people in e-com selling physical products & selling my digital courses, managing several ads account that can never be banned/disabled )

_ [ This will save you all the frustration of stopping you out of business: WORTH – N20,000 ]

2 → How To Write A Salescopy For Your Funnel That Makes Your Prospect Take Your OFFER: 

Practical salespage writing – Master Copywriting for SELLING digital affiliate products

  • Copywriting Rules of Engagement (Everything you need before thinking of writing a salescopy)
  • Layout Guild (how your page should & must look, formatting, font, paragraph etc)
  • Pattern & Formulas (You can swipe, copy & paste this copy writing formula used by the greatest writers of all time)
  • Checklist (Everything your salespage/copy should & must touch and deal with)

_ [if you can’t persuade with copy, forget it – you aren’t yet in business: WORTH – Your Financial Freedom]

3 → Sustained & Retained Leads: 

This is huge, different from everything you’ve ever been told.

Imagine every ads you’ve ever ran – you have all the prospect email & have them all in one COMMUNITY, where you continuously provide them value, educate them, influence them in a ONE-TO-MANY

_ [ this will shock you when I break it down for you in the training, its holds 80% of all your success]

4 → The Rush OFFER Pitch (Presentation): 

This is where the money lies, if you can’t make the influence here, you’ve messed it all up & would start all over 

Practical step on how to prepare your video presentation (video is the best – you don’t have to show your face, they can connect with your voice)

What it must contain and how to structure every line of statement 

How to get them(prospects) to watch the video and take the OFFER

_ [You hear of making OFFER that cant be rejected OR OFFER that when you reject it – you feel stupid about? come & see it play here]

5 → The Moses Lead The Israelites To Promise Land  [The #PeterObi/OBI-dents Force]

How to practically provide so much value to the list (community Power House) that they are ready to die for your case – you become their only solution to success.

– How to come up with contents, challenges and posts

– How to always valuably engage them daily

_ [This is where you don’t allow another person to make a better offer to your prospects and give them reason to leave you and move on to them – You must remain relevant to them]

I’m not sure this is for you, But! “This is for people who really want to learn a Skin That Will Pay Thhen For Life (who wants to be in the categories 200K – 15M a Month Affiliate Earners)” where do you wish to be, you know its possible – you just have to learn the Implementation

PLUS! You’ll also Get PURE Premium Resources, Tools, Access for FREE (when you get this TRAINING/COURSE) 

6 → Objection Handling – [Get All The Excuse Givers Begging You To Take Up The OFFER]:

When prospect says NO to an OFFER – it just because of two reasons not minding what the excuses are |No Money |I will check back later |My Grandpa Died & Grandma swallow shovel

Its simply because,

– they don’t fully understand and believe you (It means they need more clarity, enough genuine info’s to trust you)

→ A practical checklist on how to tackle all possible objections in selling affiliate digital products_ [ BONUS #1 ]

7 → Fully Functional Support Community: 

The community is designed in a way that every 2weeks, we would pick a product from either of the following affiliate platform |ExpertNaira | Stakecut | LAP – analysis and create resources to selling them which everyone will get for free and implement

– Live classes, pre-recorded videos on any topic of discussion (i want to provide you so much value that you CRY, NO HYPE, NO BS_  [ BONUS #2 ].


Another Big Truth is that You don’t want to buy another course OR Waste any money again BUT! → this is PURE GOLD TICKET

Now!You’re probably thinking: WHAT NEXT? → What is this course WORTH? (Tell me the PRICE)

Normally, Here is where i tell you the price is N150K and then slashes it down to N50K with a countdown timer telling you it will go up (which 90% of the time never really happens)

Lets do something different

Using Verified Statistics! 

A Poor Affiliate Marketer – makes 1-4 sales a month ($10 – $50 Priced products)

∴On Average – $30 X 2.5 » $75(N45K) Monthly More OR Less

An Average Affiliate Marketer – makes 5-12 sales a month ($10 – $70 Priced products)

∴On Average – $40 X 6.5 » $260(N156K) Monthly More OR Less

An Expert Affiliate Marketer – makes 10-100 sales a month ($40 – $100 Priced products)

∴On Average – $70 X 55 » $3,850(N2.3M) Monthly More OR Less

The no shi-shi Marketer – makes ZERO (just the hype & feeling of belonging among affiliate marketers on TWITTER)

The Poor marketer is losing a whole N2.3M more OR less monthly

Average Marketer – N2.1M more OR less monthly

No shi-shi gang just dey waste their time

1% of $3,850 is $385 more OR less

Let say you make 10% of that 1% everyday =$38.5 Approximately $40 Daily Income Stream

So, this course is worth $40 to you Everyday


everyday you over look it & choose to be reluctant about it – costs you $40, $3,850 monthly, do the MATHS yourself for a year

$40 (N24,000)


Before you make up your mind: you want to take your chances, go back to your struggle & tell yourself – “Na Lie” you don’t need this course, that you will keep doing what you know till you blow one day (well, the timer is how many days you’ve left yourself out _ Just be calculating it) Tankio 


Is there a guarantee? 

Of course…:)

Here is my guarantee

sorry to disappoint you, i wont tell you the bla bla bla 30days satisfaction money back guarantee

I am asking you to take this COURSE (N24K no reach money wey you dey use buy data OR buy shitcoins wey dey rugpul)

This is the Catch!

This course is up for AFFILIATE on Stakecut – use what you learn in this course & its mentorship to promote it in the next 90days – if it doesn’t Generate you Close to N1M more Or Less (I will pay you back your N24K plus extra waste of time fee of 6k =Total N30k)

You already have the course and can keep it OR Start Implementing It In the Stuffs


My name is Kelvin M.M.A.D

I am just a guy who only knows how to sell things online, have spent the last 7yrs of my life from 2015 till now selling things online

Ranging from Network Marketing to E-commerce to Affiliate Marketing and Digital Advertising Agency

I have my share of expertise in Digital Marketing, Products sale & Copywriting, Facebook & Googles Ads

I can literally SELL anything Online.

Owner & Founder of Mmadsmedia.com

I know my TOMATOS (not only my onions), i am not just any regular noisy over-hyped marketers flooding the internet -I decided to ignore quick fixes and master my crafts in years

I am here to give you something so valuable & tangible that you can’t easily get anywhere else

From Here! This is what I want you to do NOW!

Click On The BUY NOW! Button To Get This Course @ N24,000 | $40


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