At Last[Revealed] How to properly set up and run ads, That sells in millions monthly Without getting the ads account disabled 

He Traveled from Lagos State to Awka  Anambra State and paid 50K for this course

Satisfied with my team and I handling their work and what they had to say.

He lost over 50 ads account disabled and because he bought my previous course he paid 10k and i had a google meet with him to sort that out for good

440,000 Sold Within 2Days, With just 8K Ads Spend (40k per product unit price X 11 sales)

2,331,000 Sold Within 3 weeks, (18,500 per product unit price X 126 sales)

I just had to list a few because i have had people ask if its of recent (if the numbers are of recent)

everything you see is of recent and still proving to work..

It wont be necessary to write much anymore, with all proofs and evident (its either you still have your doubt and miss out or grab this opportunity and sell big this seasonal last quarter of 2021

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