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When You Purchase OfferPRO & Mentorship Package

I Dare & Bet You..

You’ll Master Marketing, Ads, Funnels, Copywriting, Follow-up & Sales Closing. [Build A list of Prospects That  Will Keep Paying You]

If this doesn’t happen – I will pay you 10,500 after 30days

Don’t take this for a BS, OR Another course seller hype (Na so them dey talk after them go abandon you)

– This Is What Every Successful Affiliate Knows & Are Doing

Over 7 Years Experience In Digital Marketing


You are already an Affiliate Marketer – Whether you were cajoled, lured, manipulated, lied-to OR Deceived to join.

You fell for the shinny object syndrome


What do you want to do about it?

You got just 3 Options

1). Quit – And Label it Scam & All Lies 

2). Continue Struggling – Remain where you are and keep trying what you think you know 

3). Become A Master of Your Craft – Get the OfferPRO & Mentorship, Hide yourself away – study and implement it & have an EXPERT holding your hand every step of the way through your Journey 


This Challenge, Training & Mastery Mentorship Isn’t For Everyone & Success Is For Those Who Make It Their Business

There is not HACK, MAGIC OR SPECIAL Power To Being Successful Selling Affiliate Products

Its Just In Few Steps

Step 1): Pick a Product that solves a REAL Problem

Step 2): Create An Offer Around it

Step 3): Run Ads To Show It To The People That Needs It

Step 4): Promise Them & Make Sure To Be There For Till They Accomplish What You Promised

Just as simply as this


The challenge is that you will have to master every of those steps

Its more like going into a business without learning OR being an Apprentice (That’s what a lot of affiliate marketers do – They see it as side hustle NOT Real Business)

In another simple form

_ Pick a product sold for 50K

_ Show it to 100 Persons everyday

_If One Person Buys Every 2 Days – That’s #25K You Earned In 2Days


Dedicate the next 1WEEK to Learn & The Next 90Days Making Tis A Real Business

I Bet You With My Full Chest & N10,500 payment to you that you will Master Sales & Pack In Sales

Believe Me OR Call Me An Over-Hyped Lier

Whether you choose to believe I can help you OR Can’t is your CHOICE


And, Whichever you decide is correct – you’re right


That’s not all


That English is upside down (you just have to read it like that – its all part of the writing)

I am Kelvin Mmad

Founder : (We generate sales for clients regardless of what they sell by building a sales system and running paid ads)

Have Been Selling Online Since 2015

SalesHackAss: Done Over 30M In Sales

Mentored People Across Boarders: Who cant just thank me enough

I got this guy to travel from Abuja to Awka: Lodged in a Hotel for 2Days & Paid me 50K to Tutor Him

Worked With Some Big Brands: Listen to what they have to say

Enough about me – I don’t have to start showing you Cars, Travels, Dollars OR Lifestyle

that’s what got you into affiliate marketing in the first place & kept you struggling

Let’s get you to mastery first

Dedicated Teaching & Mentorship For A lot Of Persons Is A Tedious Work

I can only take few number of ready and serious people – that’s why this isn’t a lead ads OR FREE Training

Giving you full dedication to make sure you master is only for serious minded people – if you aren’t ready yet

Do This

Save this page

come back & ENROLL when ready

This is for people who wants heavy downpour of sales – who wants to Master Marketing

This isn’t some airy-fairy theory, rather street-overtime-tested tactics that is working right now.


You’ve probably been running ads, Paid people to run ads for you and get you leads, yet you rarely make sales or No sales at all.

You’ve come across smart guys ads having over 5000+ comments and still generating sales and you keep wondering what they are doing differently.

You see, I’ve learned everything I know from hardcore, no bullshit, in-the-trenches experience, and that’s why I’m putting it forward to you so you can reach success faster and enjoy even higher profits.

What If You Aren’t Yet An Affiliate Marketer?

If you aren’t an affiliate marketer but have heard so much about it

You’ve heard the good and ugly story about it too

You want to start it but don’t have all those expensive registration fee 

ENROLL for this course and meet me on the other end

The OfferPRO & Mentorship is your High Ticket to being a Master Sales Man

And i will share with you a platform you can join for FREE & start promotion affiliate products worldwide In DOLLARS


As you can see from above – this is my years of experiences 

since 2019 I have practically being selling COURSES, Physical Products, Trainings & Mentorships for Myself & Brands 

I have done sales over and over

I put together this step by step video with other done-for-you materials

I want to give you access to it & my inner mentorship group

As you already would have guessed – it’s not for FREE

I will Give You Access To The OfferPRO Mastery & Mentorship for 

N10,500 TODAY

And its coming with my…


If for some reasons you learn, master & implement this while working in hand with me & you don’t start selling

30 Days After You Purchased THIS

I will refund your money 100% & you get to keep the video & all you’ve learnt

What’s the worst that can happen? – you get your money back & I apologies for wasting your time


There’s only one way to find out it’s worth

You can’t make an informed decision about this if you are an outsider – You have to be an insider to be able to decide

Here is what I tell you to do now


This Course Will Be The Only Reason People Will Buy The Affiliate Course You Are Trying To Sell To Them

Basically Affiliate marketing is about selling Products (Course) of Other People (Experts) & getting paid for it

I my years & time running ads for people & helping clients generate sales- I have come across a lot of people

Some are Expertnaira Affiliates, Stakecuts, LAP etc

This guys wants to sell a course on HOW TO SELL A COURSE, yet they don’t know how to sell the course

Read it again – this time slower (You get the point now abi?)

its just like you come to me and tell me you will show me how to make money online by selling things online – But you yourself don’t even know how to do it

Why in the name of God should I listen to you?

This is another OFFER I am giving you

You can give your Prospects this training & bring them into the mentorship for FREE

Once you master it, you don’t need to recreate it – give it to them as a ticket for joining your affiliate program & have them learn and master without having to do any heavy lifting 

With this been said

What Do You Need To Do Now!


If you have finalized within you & have decided to commit to be a master of your craft and SELL LIKE CRAZY

You will Get The training Instantly & Have Access to My Personal Mentorship

Here Is What to do

Make a payment of …

N10,500 TODAY

This same course will be Listing On Stakecut Affiliate Platform for $40 (N24,000)

So, I will be taking it down in no time

You can pay for this OFFER either by Bank Transfer OR Paying With Card Online

For Bank Transfer

Send N10,500 To My Account Detail Below

Acc No: 0157490065 | Acc Name: Mmaduneme Chigozie Peter | Bank: GTB

Once done with the payment – you will need to send your payment proof details to me on WhatsApp @ 08036863027

You will be ENROLLED Immediately

For Card Payment

Click on the button below to pay with you card – you will be automatically redirected to me on WhatsApp once payment is approved


You are a natural for getting to this part of this page and I look forward to working with you soon!

Kelvin Mmad..

PS:  In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I am sending you to my step-by-step practical video that anyone even with zero knowledge can do to start generating sales for their affiliate business & You will be joining my 90Days 100Sales Mentorship Challenge 

I have this guarantee, if you start and after 30Days you feel its not worth it, I will refund your money,  you can keep the video because you already have access to it.

So, Click the Here to Get It

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