A Top Secret Research Revealed For The First Time

The 1% PRO Affiliates

WHY.. 95% Of Affiliate Marketers FAIL & QUIT; REVEALING.. The UNDISCLOSED Secret Of The Successful 1% Affiliate Marketers

Meaning …

For every 100 person in the in the affiliate marketing business, 95 already quit OR no longer in the business WHILE only 1 succeeds – the remaining 4 aren’t traced

A raw data research done on THOUSANDS of New Affiliate Joiners by An International Affiliate Platform DISCOVERED …

That… Almost all beginners join affiliate program, follow along, post some updates & then  DISAPPEARS into Oblivion – Discouraged & Quit Before Turning Profit 

This is because

They Bought & Where SOLD The Get Rich Quick & Shinny Object Syndrome

It takes 4yrs University Degree + 1yr NYSC (5yrs Before A Paying Job) – Worst 8-10yrs with ASUU Strike

Because they expected fast & easy money, so they eventually quit if they don’t see the results.

But here is the thing..

The internet is full with affiliate marketing METHODS, HACKS & COURSES that promise overnight wealth – Some are legitimate, some are not

But let’s assume you found that one real deal.

The seller honestly did get WEALTHY & TRAVEL around the World thru the method they are offering.

In fact, by implementing it they made N30M in their first 30 days.

It’s very simple.

This person has learned a valuable secret & has laid out a strategy that gets these results.

And what is implied is that if you follow this method you will replicate those same results.

But let’s take a realistic look at the odds of this happening to the Newbies who tries out this method.

As a Newbie To Internet Marketing 

1) Your mindset is that if I follow this method I should be making a lot of money within 30 days.

2) You have little experience in internet marketing.

3) You have little or no influence as a marketer on the internet.

4) You probably have no content to share, & you probably have little experience in writing it.

5) You’re probably only wanting to spend a certain amount of money up front.

6) You only have a certain amount of time you can or are willing to devote to it (remember, you probably went into this thinking it is easy & quick money. In fact this may be the only reason you tried it out).

Now look at where the seller (among the 1%) was when he started implementing his method:

1) Since he created it, you would have to assume that he was already experienced in this field.

2) He has passed thru all the trials, errors, & lack of results that everyone else experiences at the beginning.

3) He will have spent a lot of time studying & learning how to do it.

4) By the time he has developed his method he has already spent a lot time developing his presence online.

5) He has more than likely spent quite a bit of money working his way thru all of it to get to where he is.

6) It is likely that he also already has an email list (audience) to promote to.

7) And lastly, during the implementation of his method he spent hours (maybe up to 8-12) daily to make it work.

So yes, he was able to make N30M, in his first 30 days. But he did it with a EXPERT knowledge of what he was doing, an established presence and audience, & put in at least 8-12 hours everyday for 30 days.

You buy his course or program, try it out, & make little or maybe nothing in your first 30 days.

At this point..

-) “You quit; I should have never started this. It was a waste of time & a scam”

The mindset at the beginning is the first reason More than 95% FAILS & QUIT.

NO.1 Secret of The 1% Successful Affiliate Marketers is – They Know They Are Building A BUSINESS

Failure To Be An Expert In Product They Promote

When I bought a car – I called a friend who is into cars & have been driving for years – I already know I wanted a BENZ, he took me to buy mine and made sure I get the best

Naturally human wants a re-assurance and guarantee from a person they perceive knowledgeable authority in anything they want to buy.

This is why when you go to buy anything – you keep asking the seller, are you sure this is the best, hope it’s not fake

This is a big one, too many affiliates don’t take the effort to dive into the products they want to earn commissions from.

They think it’s enough to just provide the product’s information.

But Prospect don’t come to you to share to them what they already have been told or know before.

They seek for reliable extra information, which in best case come from a user knowing the product inside out.

It is impossible to provide these unique and very useful information about a product,

if you haven’t used or tested it yourself. Of course, there are products you can not test in-depth by your own, like supplements for specific health problems you don’t have, for example.

But in these cases you have to do extensive user experience research to get the big picture of what kind of help the product can provide for people.

In best case, you promote products you have achieved great results with using them for yourself.

If you show your achievements of using the product, you can give great and very credible advocacy for it in front of your audience.

That way, you will achieve much more success than those who promote products they are not connected with but expect to make money with because the product is meant to be bestseller.

NO.2 Secret of The 1% Successful Affiliate Marketers is – They Took Time To Be Expert In The Product They Product

YouTube – Free Money

FREE Money – 95% failed affiliate marketers all wants to do it for free, so they start cutting corners

the biggest problem is watching YouTube videos &or thinking that they can learn everything on YouTube.

Not understanding that most times YouTube is just a bait for a courses or to get clicks or views on their channel.

Here is an Illustration

if a YouTube video thumbnail says invest N100K and make N500K Monthly – this is realistic and can be achieved but most of the people won’t open the videos maybe they don’t have 1000$ to invest or any xyz reason no matter how real or light that business module is,

On the other hand..

If the video thumbnail says earn N500K Monthly with NOTHING, – that video will get a lot of hits and views even though it only shows case studies & ABC teachings,

Hope you get the point?.

You will need to invest in Mentorship, Education & Paid Advertising

Affiliate marketing is like the Igbo-Apprenticeship Business Model – you you have to get a mentor that would hold you by the arms teaching & guiding you while you earn

Investing in paid advertising is definitely a must – since the business model is all about marketing a product

spamming groups, emails, copy-pasting links doesn’t get you sales but labels you SCAM 

NO.3 Secret of The 1% Successful Affiliate Marketers is – They Understand It’s Not FREE & Requires Some Investment

The Whole Truth – The Full Gist

There is no trick in affiliate marketing – if you want to play a long term game and make a career out of it..

You must consider the following pillar Skills

– Funnel Setup & Copywriting :

After joining an affiliate program, picking a product(knowing & studying the product)..

Writing a high converting sales page & funnels is something that can’t be left out (This is a must).

It’s one of the most important digital skill you to learn

1) -Learn Copywriting & Funnels Set-up (Be Specific in learning it – for selling affiliate product)


– Traffic/Lead Mastery :

FREE OR PAID; Traffic is the life of affiliate selling (same as oxygen is life to the body

an average affiliate conversion rate is generally be between 

this is what it means in actual sales?

Well, let’s say you show 5,000 peoples (Leads/Prospects) you OFFER per month.

You would have to see 25 sales in order to have a 0.5% conversion rate, or 50 sales to have a 1% conversion rate.

In simple terms, to reach an average conversion rate, you would need to have 1 sale per 100-200 people that you show your OFFER.

however, these are just averages.

Some affiliates are able to regularly reach 3%, or even see occasional spikes of up to 10%!

Read till the end..

I will reveal to you how you can increase this by 15% by retaining every single leads you’ve ever gotten who didn’t make up the 0.5%/1% because they weren’t ready & moving them to buyers

This is a compound result – Watch out for the leak of this secret

2)-Learn paid advertising (Start with Facebook Ads, it alone can get you all traffics you ever need)

– Marketing Tool:

Pick one out of the these marketing tools and master at it – Email Marketing OR WhatsApp Marketing etc

WhatsApp marketing seems to be dominating now in the current Nigeria market

Basically what you have to master is how to RETAIN, NUTURE & CONVERT Leads/Prospects gotten from traffic sources

This where you implement Sales Closing & Objection Handling & Follow Up (This is one of the hack that get your a 20% conversion rate if you do properly)

3)-Learn how WhatsApp Marketing Works, Sales Closing, Objection Handling & Follow Up

– Finally: 

Mindset shift, know you are in business & growing at your pace

– avoid twitter distraction (jumping from one person post on how they got 1m followers in 2days)

 The money is in the sales you make not the noise

key focus on the main goal..


If you don’t take this OFFER, I will have to conclude that YOU, SAPA & STRUGGLING have a covenant

When You ENROLL In The 1% PRO Affiliate & Mentorship Package

I Guarantee & Bet You..

You’ll Master Marketing, Ads, Funnels, Copywriting,  Sales Closing, Objection Handling & Follow-up. [Build A list of Prospects That  Will Keep Paying You]

If this doesn’t happen – I will pay you 10,500 after 30days

Don’t take this for a BS, OR Another course seller hype OR (Na so them dey talk after them go abandon you kind of thing)

– This Is What the 1% Successful Affiliate Knows & Are Doing

Over 7 Years Experience In Digital Marketing

You’re Already In On It

You are already an Affiliate Marketer – Whether you were cajoled, lured, manipulated, lied-to OR Deceived to join.

You fell for the shinny object syndrome


What do you want to do about it -With What You Know NOW?


You got just 3 Options

1). Still Quit – And Label it BS, Scam & All Lies

2). Continue Struggling – Remain where you are and keep trying what you think you know (YouTube Gat You… lolz)

3). Become Become a PRO Affiliate – Get The 1% PRO Affiliate & Mentorship, Hide yourself away – study and implement, Join the 90 Days Challenge & have an EXPERT holding your hand every step of the way through your Journey

This Challenge, Training & Mastery Mentorship Isn’t For Everyone & Success Is For Those Who Make It Their Business

Dedicate the next 1WEEK to Learn & The Next 90Days Making This A Real Business

I Bet You With My Full Chest & N10,500 payment to you that you will Master Sales & Pack In Sales

Believe Me OR Call Me An Over-Hyped Lier

Whether you choose to believe I can help you OR Can’t is your CHOICE


And, Whichever you decide is correct – you’re right


That’s not all


That English is upside down (you just have to read it like that – its all part of the writing)

I am Kelvin Mmad


Founder : Mmadsmedia.com (We generate sales for clients regardless of what they sell by building a sales system and running paid ads)

Have Been Selling Online Since 2015

SalesHackAss: Done Over 30M In Sales

Play Video

Mentored People Across Boarders: Who cant just thank me enough

Got this guy to travel from Abuja to Awka: Lodged in a Hotel for 2Days & Paid me 50K to Tutor Him

Worked With Some Big Brands: Listen to what they have to say

Enough about me – I don’t have to start showing you Cars, Travels, Dollars OR Lifestyle

that’s what got you into affiliate marketing in the first place & kept you struggling

Let’s get you to mastery first

Dedicated Teaching & Mentorship For A lot Of Persons Is A Tedious Work

I can only take few number of ready and serious people – that’s why this isn’t a lead ads OR FREE Training

Giving you full dedication to make sure you master is only for serious minded people – if you aren’t ready yet

Do This

Save this page

Come back & ENROLL when ready

This is for people who wants heavy downpour of sales – who wants to Master Marketing

This isn’t some airy-fairy theory, rather street-overtime-tested tactics that is working right now.

You’ve probably been running ads, Paid people to run ads for you and get you leads, yet you rarely make sales or No sales at all.

You’ve come across smart guys ads having over 5000+ comments and still generating sales and you keep wondering what they are doing differently.

You see, I’ve learned everything I know from hardcore, no bullshit, in-the-trenches experience, and that’s why I’m putting it forward to you so you can reach success faster and enjoy even higher profits.

Full Step by step Video Training & Mentorship 

When you ENROLL INHere are the things you will practically learn how to do yourself

1 )- How To Run Ads & Get Above 85% Qualified Prospects (Leads): 

Practical way to setup and run Facebook/IG ads that gets you quality leads that buys and a banproof ads account.

I use this hack to run ads for people in e-com selling physical products & selling my digital courses, managing several ads account that can never be banned/disabled 

_ [ This will save you all the frustration of stopping you out of business: WORTH – N20,000 ]

2)- How To Write A Sales copy For Your Funnel That Makes Your Prospect Take Your OFFER: 

Practical salespage writing – Master Copywriting for SELLING affiliate products

  • Copywriting Rules of Engagement (Everything you need before thinking of writing a salescopy)
  • Layout Guild (how your page should & must look, formatting, font, paragraph etc)
  • Pattern & Formulas (You can swipe, copy & paste this copy writing formula used by the greatest writers of all time)
  • Checklist (Everything your salespage/copy should & must touch and deal with)

_ [if you can’t persuade with copy, forget it – you aren’t yet in business: WORTH – Your Financial Freedom]

3)-  Sustained & Retained Leads: 

This is huge, different from everything you’ve ever been told.

Imagine every ads you’ve ever ran – you have all the prospect retained where you can move the NOT Ready To Buyer, without spending a dime again

_ [ this will shock you when I break it down for you in the training, its holds 80% of all your success]

4)-  The Rush OFFER Pitch (Presentation): 

This is where the money lies, if the product you are promoting doesn’t have a converting sales pitch – its a failure

How to get them(prospects) to watch the video and take the OFFER

_ [You hear of making OFFER that cant be rejected OR OFFER that when you reject it – you feel stupid about? it’s in the video pitch presentation]

5)- The Moses Lead The Israelites To Promise Land  [The #PeterObi/OBI-dents Force]

How to practically provide so much value to the list that they are ready to die for your case – you become their only solution to success.

_ [This is where you don’t allow another person to offer a better solution on anything to your prospects and give them reason to leave you and move on to them – You must remain relevant to them]

6)- Objection Handling – [Get All The Excuse Givers Begging You To Take Up The OFFER]:

When prospect says NO to an OFFER – it just because of two reasons not minding what the excuses are |No Money |I will check back later |My Grandpa Died & Grandma swallow shovel

Its simply because,

– they don’t fully understand and believe you (It means they need more clarity, enough genuine info’s to trust you)

→ A practical checklist on how to tackle all possible objections in selling affiliate digital products

I Will ENROLL & Grant You Access

As you can see from above – this is my years of experiences 

since 2018 I have practically being selling COURSES, Physical Products, Trainings & Mentorships for Myself & Brands 

I have done sales over and over

I put together this step by step video with other done-for-you materials

I want to give you access to it & my inner mentorship group

As you already would have guessed – it’s not for FREE

I will Give You Access To The 1% PRO Affiliate & Mentorship for 

N10,500 TODAY


And its coming with my…


If for some reasons you learn, master & implement this while working in hand with me & you don’t start selling

30 Days After You Purchased THIS

I will refund your money 100% & you get to keep the video & all you’ve learnt

What’s the worst that can happen? – you get your money back & I apologies for wasting your time


There’s only one way to find out it’s worth

You can’t make an informed decision about this if you are an outsider – You have to be an insider to be able to decide

Here is what I tell you to do now


This Course Will Be The Only Reason People Will Buy The Affiliate Course You Are Trying To Sell To Them

Basically Affiliate marketing is about selling Products (Course) of Other People (Experts) & getting paid for it

In my years & time running ads for people & helping clients generate sales- I have come across a lot of people

Some are Expertnaira Affiliates, Stakecuts, LAP etc

This guys wants to sell a course on HOW TO SELL A COURSE, yet they don’t know how to sell the course

Read it again – this time slower (You get the point now abi?)

its just like you come to me and tell me you will show me how to make money online by selling things online – But you yourself don’t even know how to do it

Why in the name of God should I listen to you?

This is another OFFER I am giving you


You can give your Prospects this training & bring them into the mentorship for FREE

Once you master it, you don’t need to recreate it – give it to them as a ticket for joining your affiliate program & have them learn and master without having to do any heavy lifting 

With this been said

What Do You Need To Do Now!


If you have finalized within you & have decided to commit to be among The 1% PRO Affiliate, Master of Your Craft and SELL LIKE CRAZY

You will Get The training Instantly & Have Access to My Personal Mentorship

Here Is What to do

Make a payment of …

N10,500 TODAY


This same course will be Listing On Stakecut Affiliate Platform for $40 (N24,000)

So, I will be taking it down in no time

You can pay for this OFFER either by Bank Transfer OR Paying With Card Online

-For Bank Transfer

Send N10,500 To My Account Detail Below

Acc No: 0157490065 | Acc Name: Mmaduneme Chigozie Peter | Bank: GTB

Once done with the payment – you will need to send your payment proof details to me on WhatsApp @ 08036863027

You will be ENROLLED Immediately

-For Card Payment

Click on the button below to pay with you card – you will be automatically redirected to me on WhatsApp once payment is approved

Dare Me!

You are a natural for getting to this part of this page and I look forward to working with you soon!

Kelvin Mmad..

PS:  In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I am sending you to my step-by-step practical video that anyone even with zero knowledge can do to start generating sales for their affiliate business & You will be joining my 90Days 100Sales Mentorship Challenge 

I have this guarantee, if you start and after 30Days you feel its not worth it, I will refund your money,  you can keep the video because you already have access to it.

So, Click the Here to Get It. 

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