This Secret Treatment Was First Released 1st October, 2022

Our heartfelt appreciation to ALL OUR ulcer patients who trusted this treatment instruction, prepared this drink at home & used it to entirely wipe out ulcer from their life & family

Here is a Guaranteed Treatment To Wipe Out Ulcer Completely Within 7 Days

Dear Reader…

I’m about to share with you from centuries of family linage experience & inheritance in roots & herbs medicines

With Over 40Yrs of personal experience

Drinking this 2-3 time fresh daily will cure your ulcer completely in 7 days

This treatment will cure any of the follow types of ulcer


1). Peptic Ulcer: This develops in the stomach lining or small intestine.

They are caused by an imbalance of digestive fluids – often the result of an infection of H. Pylori, or due to extensive use of anti-inflammatory medication.

Peptic ulcers can cause heartburn, pain in the stomach, nausea, weight loss, etc

2). Duodenal ulcers: are a type of peptic ulcer that form in the upper small intestine.

The most common symptom of a duodenal ulcer is pain in the mid to upper stomach region, especially if this pain intensifies when the stomach is empty


if the pain wakes you up in the middle of the night

3). Esophageal ulcers: are ulcers that develop inside of the esophagus.

Although some patients don’t experience any symptoms,

The most common symptom of an esophageal ulcer is a burning pain in the chest (heartburn) which can be mild or severe.

Additional symptoms may include: Difficult or painful swallowing

With this manual you will Wipe Out Ulcer In 7 Days Treatment Drink at home using this secret proven formula that will be revealed to you.

By taking this treatment drink 3-4 time daily with cure your ulcer in 7days, max 10 days.

Herbal Dr. Abumchukwu didn’t want to produce this, package & sold because it needs to be consumed within 30mins of preparation (for 100% result)

Medical Doctors, Scientists & Research Report Reveals On This Solution

Above report shows that all the patients who took this treatment had complete healing.

Meaning this treatment will heal your ulcer completely.

And it took an average of just 7-8 days to completely heal compared to Orthodox medicine that takes almost 2 – 3 months.

This treatment were used decades ago before modern medicine and antibiotics came & it alone is the only solution to all ulcer problems

100 Patients who have taken all sort of treatment to no result were given this to drink & almost all got healed within a week

Mr Kevin Johnson for the first time in 20yrs got result within 3 days – this is no magic or hype (its the only solution, stop buying drugs)

Her doctor couldn’t help anymore and sent her away (She got treated within 7 days using this)

After we shared this to our private paid community (countless number off people keep testifying)

Herbal Dr Abumchukwu didn’t want to prepare this as one of her other products & sell to you – Because it’s results are greater & faster when consumed fresh, not preserved

You see…

Before you start wondering why i want to sell you instruction on how to prepare this Wipe Out Ulcer In 7 Days Treatment Drink.

I want you to understand that producing it and selling it to you wont be a problem for us, we have several herbal products for other health challenges.

But knowing the effectiveness of this treatment when don at home without preservatives…

We decided to help a lot of people without them wasting so much money.

On a normal

We charge 50K to prepare a 5ltr gallon of this treatment drink for patients which serves for a one week consumption.

That we can also do for you on special order & send down to you…

If you want us to prepare it for you & send to you (you would pay upfront)

At a special PROMO OFFER of N30,000…

You will make a down payment of 20K before we start your order.

When it’s ready to be shipped – You pay up for it

Send us a message here now – to prepare 5ltr gallon of Wipe Out Ulcer In 7 Days Treatment Drink


Lets talk about the prices of ulcer treatment you have bought on FB, IG & Google that didn’t work

Ulcer treatment products prices ranges from 15K – 40K per one product (which you will need up to 3-6 of that product to finally get solution)

Costing you a fortune yet no result.

You see…

Telling you to pay a tiny fee to hand over the solution to you for life isn’t about us.

It’s not about how much we would make (Because if we decide to produce it & sell it to you) even thou we know it’s effectiveness…

We will still make more profit.

But no…

This is about you, and giving you a permanent solution you can go-to to help family & relatives when in need.

But it’s not FREE

To Access This Secret Treatment Drink Manual & How To Prepare It PLUS Be Able To Consult Us – It Will Cost You Just N2,000

The 2k you will be paying is to be provided this solution and how to make it at home which won’t take you up to 30min to prepare.

Anyone can prepare it (it’s not chemical & doesn’t require any medical skill)

The benefit of this for you is – once you have this solution, you’ve known it for life & can help family, friends and relative from ulcer without having to spend any more money on buying products 

Warning: don’t go & prepare it & start selling to people (it can’t be preserved – don’t go & sell poison to people)

And you reading this, it’s better for you to do this yourself.

If you still doubt my expertise – then you can go ahead & keep drinking concoction people are selling to you in the name of ulcer cure .

One more thing…

Living With ulcer is so frustrating – But get off that mindset that it can’t be cure

This treatment have cured it over and over again.

Click On the button below to request for our account details on WhatsApp – that’s how to pay for any of this

Please Only Proceed if You Serious & Agree with our terms of payment

You can call us instead if you aren’t ready to purchase right away

Call: 07059923403

Pay N2,000 For The Manual, & Prepare Yourself

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